Beginner Information

Welcome to Bella Bliss Studios!

Beginning the Aerial Arts can be daunting but we assure you, you don't need to have danced before, be fit or flexible to get started.

Our course is designed to work with your skill level and comfortably improve your strength and confidence.

Everyone who is at the studio has started as a beginner and we all know it can be a little nerve wracking to take that first step into something new. We embrace an inclusive environment at Bella Bliss Studios of unconditional support and love.

Together we will work with you to allow your talent to grow, your personality to shine and most of all to have fun. 

We begin the class with a warm-up to prepare your body then we move into spins and climbs for poles and entries and tricks for aerials. We take the tricks you have learnt and place it into a routine towards the end of term. Each class concludes with a cool-down and stretching.

Congratulations on taking your first step!