You don't have to be fit, small, young, flexible or strong to do this.
Use it as a great way to get fit, tone your body, feel good, have fun and meet new people.
Learn something new while making new friends and discover a great way to stay fit and healthy.
We welcome all people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels:
Men and Women
Boys and Girls
Young and Old
Fit and Unfit  

Its normal to have many questions before signing up to classes, so hopefully the following will answer all yours. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email us.

What happens in a class?

For your first class please arrive 10 minutes earlier so we can do the paperwork and start the class on time.
We always start with a warm up, this helps your body loosen & strengthen in preparation for class. After warm up we train in pole moves, tricks or choreography. And then class finishes with cool down & stretching to increase flexability.

What do I wear?

Just wear comfortable gym wear (just without the tights or long pants) with short shorts or skorts with a t-shirt or singlet this ensures maximum skin contact & grip on the pole.
Bare feet for class but if you wish to bring a pair of heels to wear you are more than welcome, its not compulsory though. Please wear a height you are comfortable in & also make sure they have an ankle strap, as slip on shoes can become a dangerous flying object.

Lyra, Silks and Bliss fit:
We recommend to wear comfortable gym wear. When doing Lyra or Silks it is best to wear some form of leggings or tights. No shoes are required as we learn in bare feet.

Poletto is generally done in heels, however we encourage that if you are wearing heels to ensure it is a height you are able to move around in. Knee pads are also recommended for floorwork.

Polesque can be done bare foot, big heel, small heel, dance heel. Whatever you like. Normal gym wear clothing is perfect.


I feel a little intimidated to try...

Please don't feel intimidated, you will find most of us are Mums and Dads, men and women of all shapes and sizes, all ages and all different fitness levels. We are all there for different personal reasons, but most of us are there to feel good, get fit, have fun, make new friends and learn new amazing ways our body works.

Why can't I moisturise?

Please make sure not to put on moisturiser, tanning lotion or any oils prior to class.
It is for your safety and the safety of your classmates. Moisturising can make  your hands slippery and also leave a slippery residue on the equipment which can make tricks more difficult.

What are the fitness benefits of Aerial Arts?

The Aerial Arts give you a great cardiovascular and full body workout. It  results in improved muscle definition and toning all over especially in areas such as arms, abs, thighs and bottom. It also improves your balance, body awareness and confidence.

Are there any risks involved in Aerial Arts?

As with any form of activity there is some risk involved but at Bella Bliss we take care to make sure you are always safe and only doing tricks you are capable of doing.
As with any sport or physical activity you may have post-exercise muscle soreness but that means you are improving!

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held in Caloundra, Refer to Home page for address locations.
Please click on the time table tab above to check for current times.

What if I miss a class?

Please give 24 hours notice that you can't make the class and we can slot you into another convenient available lesson, it has to be made up in the term that you have paid for... otherwise the class is forfeited.

* Please choose carefully when booking classes, as your class fees are non-transferable or refundable for any reason. Your payment secures your place into this class. We may be unable to fill your place if you cancel.
If in the event of injury or illness and notification is given 1 week before the new term, you can defer (with request and permission from management) your class to the following term only. You can only defer your class, or payments once a year.


Can I come in at extra times besides my instructional class?

Yes! We run two stretch classes and have open practice sessions where you can practice tricks you have been taught. All of this is included when you purchase an instructional class at Bella Bliss Studios.  



Can I get a refund ?

Refund and Cancellation Policy

* Please choose carefully when booking classes, as your class fees are non-transferable or refundable. Your payment secures your place into this class. 
If in the event of injury or illness within 1 week before the new term, you can defer, upon request, your class to the following term. 
No cash refunds will be given.